Debbie:  Thank you for the great job you did when Mookie (dam Cecilia and sire Stuart) spent the first 8 weeks of his life with you.  He is now almost 18 months old and doing great.  We had big plans the day I picked him in January, 2005 since we had not owned a dog for over 20 years. As it turns out he owns us, we do not own him. The plan was for Mookie to spend each night in the portable kennel. Reality is he cuddles up into a ball between us. He would not be allowed to be on the furniture-sofa and chairs-right!! That plan lasted as long as it took him to leap up into our laps.  We spend many happy hours with Mook stretched across or between Mary and I. The time you spent with him, the hours when he was a puppy totally acclimated him to people.  He loves people, being the center of attention, and talking back (barking calmly) when he does not get his way.  Friends are amazed by his personality and behavior.  When we walk-daily, I enjoy the BT gait he exhibits as he trots around like the king of the hill.  He really thinks he is something! I never thought I had the capacity to care for an animal this much.  Mook is an endless source of humor, companionship and trust in us because you taught him to trust people.  One of these days I will call you and maybe we can make a quick visit with Mook to your home.  Debbie, thank you again for raising these wonderful and headstrong companions, and taking a real serious interest in their well being.  You did a great job with this little knucklehead.  He is the best dog in the world in my opinion. Gary Anderson.
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                    Emily and Chloe running
                       the Prescott Marathon

Genna and her daughter

Genna keeping a watchful eye on her

My first Border, Cory Ann

Below: Cory at 13 years
Cory teaching the Shorthair puppies a lesson